Studio Talk

CJY by drying shelves

                            Caryl Joy Young standing 

                 in front of the drying racks in her garage

Thank you for viewing my website! Here you will discover my daily life as an artist. The process begins when I choose from a group of my photographs for a series. Once begun, one piece of art inspires another. Next is the framing process and displaying the art in various venues.

My most recent  works are landscapes painted in thick oil vigorously applied with a palette knife. These richly colored impastos with interwoven colors are of fields, flowers, woods and rivers. Those colors are also inadvertently applied to my smock, shirt and shorts, door handles and face and also on the canvases. 

Trips to other parts of the country often jumpstart other series of paintings.  Going to Denver to visit our son and his family in September always generates paintings from day trips to such places as Cripple Creek and Cheyenne.  By choosing these subjects and painting them, I create memories in pastel, oil and acrylics.


Y© Caryl Joy Young